I find myself having difficulty in keeping up to the demand for general advice re tactics or have people got a case or not. I hope you don't mind this but I will charge a small fee in the future. $50

or Direct Credit to my Bank. Email for details.



John O'Leary has been consulting to Law Firms as an Investigator, Assessor, Advisor and Expert Witness, for 20 years.

Having studied Law for a number of years and worked in the Problem Horse side of the Industry, he has been a valuable asset to many Law Firms and has personally been responsible for swinging Court Cases to the favor of the clients.

There have been many cases where just an assessment of a case by perusal of the file, has resulted in a break through in favor of the client due to the inherent ability to 'smell' inconsistencies, lies, scams and to read through the minds of the various players'. This has often been achieved via Internet contact alone.

It would be well worth just running a case by John, if only to get probable new angles or a break through on it.


Mr. P.V. Carey,
Registrar Federal Court of Australia, (Retired)
Adelaide. 5000. (contact me for the phone number)



If I had a Lawyer who was involved in the Horse Industry as an owner, rider, competitor and you had a lawyer not into horses, guess who will most likely win? I recommend these Lawyers for  Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Should qualified Lawyers from other States wish to register their interest, please contact me.

Under the Consumer Legislation, the horse is a product and as such, when sold, must be suitable for the purpose for which is was purchased. Different States have different Laws regarding this.

The Small Claims Court or Tribunal in your State is there to assist you at minimal expense and often gives you the right to negate the rights of a defendant to have a Lawyer. It then becomes just like 'Judge Judy'

Go here for some brief advice  regarding the type of proof you are likely to need in Court and to be successful.


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